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The Experience Of Thai Oil Massage

Thai massage is a popular massage therapy which originates from Thailand. Thai therapists are well trained in the massage technique. You can book a Thai massage and experience total relaxation.

Thai Massage in Dubai

  • Name – Christy
  • Age – 19year  
  • Height – 166cm
  • Weight- 45 kg
  • Hair -Blond
  • Eyes -Brown
  • Language -English
  • Occupation – Massage Escort
  • Services – Incall & Outcall
  • Location- Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Price- 1000 AED / Hour
  • Contact- +971562588250

Thai oil massage

This massage is a very relaxing massage. Most people, due to experiencing total relaxation, tend to fall asleep during the session.

The massage usually requires the recipient to be unclothed.  A towel is usually provided to cover the body. Some spas may provide a loose fitted robe which may be removed at the time of the massage.

A typical Thai massage session may last for 60 minutes. It is a full body massage. The therapist starts by massaging the feet. The therapist may then gradually move up to the other parts of the body to the calves, hamstrings, back, neck and shoulders. The massage usually finishes on the head. During the session, the therapist may ask the recipient to turn in order to facilitate the massage. You can experience a typical Thai massage at the various spas offering Thai massage in  dubai.

While massaging the back, the therapist may exert pressure on the upper back. Pressure is applied to force air from the lungs. It is advisable not to panic during this part of the session.

The pressure during Thai massage in dubai is different from the kind of pressure that is applied in traditional massage techniques.  The pressure during this therapy is less intense. The therapist uses his or her palms instead of thumbs to distribute the pressure over a larger area of the body. The therapists also focus on less sensitive areas of the body in order to apply pressure.

This oil massage differs from the other massage techniques in the aspect that the therapist directs the massage movements according to the natural contouring of the muscle structure.

This helps to provide relaxation to the body by loosening stiff muscles. Thai massage technique is also useful in curing a number of stress related issues like anxiety, depression, mood swings and sleeping disorders. Due to its various benefits, it is becoming a popular technique.

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