Things to do in Dubai

 If you have planned your trip to Dubai, through a travel agent, then there is a strong likelihood that he might have designed a comprehensive itinerary for you that includes flights, hotels, airport transfers, sightseeing. But in case, your family has planned a trip on its own then you can Google the internet for all things to do in Dubai.  The search engine result pages will delight you with the plethora of options that are listed and you will feel really thrilled that you are getting the maximum out of your travel spends in Dubai.

Numerous entertainment options abound

things to do in Dubai

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Dubai has plenty of cultural attractions to woo the itinerant traveller. Stage play artists’ troupes routinely come from London and cover Dubai during their Asia pacific tours. Belly dancing performances from Mediterranean dancers are quite commonplace and most travel agents ensure that people ending their desert safari tours end up having dinner in places where belly dancing, salsa is offered.

Unmatched delicacies

Gastronomical options abound in Dubai as you get Turkish, Moroccan, Afghani, Mughlai, Indian, continental cuisine in al-fresco food courts where dining is an unforgettable experience.  Wines and champagnes are a bit high-priced but you will surely get the best red and white wines to go lamb, chicken, fish, turkey horsemeat, rabbit and other non-vegetarian delicacies that are  cooked to perfection by experienced chefs in Dubai.

Dubai: Major Sporting hub

Horse racing is the common past-time of people here in Dubai who are rich in oil-wealth and want to multiply their earnings by betting on horse races. Soccer is another major attraction with Dubai having its own international team. Getting tickets to horse races and soccer matches is quite easy through the internet when you search with the terms things to do in Dubai.  The city has a well-developed sporting infrastructure and tourist can find many venues to play tennis, basketball, golf and ice-hockey in the emirate of Dubai.  Frequency of cricket matches has gone down but international tennis stars slug it out for the top honours in all tournaments hosted in Dubai making it a major attraction for well –heeled tourists.


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