Where to go in Dubai

If you are asking this question – Where to go in Dubai , then you are close to the solution as you are on the right page. Here, you will get to know all the options that you can try in Dubai be it shopping, eating, drinking, sports, music, dancing and anything that can make your senses alive. Before anything else, try exploring Dubai’s museum and uncover its history as then exploring the city will be a richer more memorable experience.

Where to go in Dubai

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Discover Dubai’s rich history

Begin with a trip to the Sharjah Islamic museum where you will find glimpses of Arabian history that has been preserved and recorded from ancient times to present day. More glimpses of medieval Arabian culture and history can be found in the heritage and divine village that is a great place for tourists to get the cultural enlightenment they seek. Include a trip to the H.H Sheikh Saeed house, which served as the seat of the government in the early 20th century.

Shopping, Wining and dining

Begin with the souks, the traditional Arabian markets that sell everything from spices to gold and bargaining is rampant here. Thereafter, begin to explore Dubai’s glitzy supermarkets and malls where leading brands of the world jostle to get space and a slice of your wallet. Too many foreigners from the west prefer to shop here as they get better variety of products at interesting price-points than anywhere else. Where to go in Dubai for booze is easy to decipher? There are plenty of watering holes of the star class variety for the discerning business traveller.  Make a trip to the African star resto-bar and relish top notch Ethiopian food, African drums and local bands playing some lovely music.

Real world insights about how the local people live and lead their lives based on the teachings of Prophet Mohammed are obtained through guided cultural tours that are the best answer to those thinking where to go in Dubai. Not to be missed is a trip to Bastakia, where you will find buildings preserved as they were in the medieval ages. Each quarter has homes on different floors with narrow, high roads but never will you find water logging as the construction on Bastakia happened many centuries ago and the architects in those times were quite skilled in medieval style architecture.

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